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We are a group of ex-servicemen and women as well as civillians who have set up the Facebook group page Solidarity With Ukraine Group UK

After we came across a group that on the surface seemed to be offering a service to help Ukrainian Refugees but when intelligence was undertaken found in fact it was linked to a Glamour Model Photographer who had numerous nubile young ladies as friends linked to him that potentially looked like he was more interested in setting up a Recruiting Model Agency for his photography business under the Ukrainian Refugee Crisis umbrella and we were disgusted to say the least. Needless to say this individual was approached and chose to step down and remove himself from the group in question.

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Set up by Shaun Coleman an ex Royal Navy Veteran and Andy Round a former Sapper Sgt with numerous campaign experiences including Bosnia,Kosovo, Syria and Iraq. We decided to offer our experience to ensure that this project was delivered correctly to meet the objectives of helping to link Ukrainian Refugees who were looking and needed to find suitable accommodation in the UK with people in the UK who were willing to sponsor and home them here in the UK. 

We have already been helping in various ways to source equipment and in other areas so it seemed a natural step to offer our own secure service for the Refugees coming to the UK and to cut out the stress and feelings of rejection for many. We have now developed a tool which is not only more secure, it meets GDPR requirements and the data is stored on a secure server with additional security features. 
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Luton Branch Of Ukrainians in Great Brirain

On Sunday, February 27, 2022, at 15.00 in February, there will be a worship service and a fundraiser to support Ukraine.

Sunday, 27 Feb 2022 at 15.00 will be a liturgy and a joint prayer for Ukraine, we will also collect funds to support Ukraine.

Calling all communities in Luton - please join us!
Luton Branch of
Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain
16 Cromwell Hill, LU2 7SS
Message From The President
Ukraine President Zelensky " We will defend our State. Ukraine will defend itself against the Russian invasion."
What Can Countries Do ? 
Global outcry across the globe with protests in most countries. 
Hero of Ukraine 
Skakun RIP we salute you and all the other heros of Ukraine for the ultimate sacrifice for Ukraine.
Ukrainian Women Take Up Arms
Ukrainian women are preparing to fight with Russia and protect the country.


This site is set up to help to bring the plight of our homeland to the masses and to reach out to the civilised world, to ask for your support to do everything you can for our citizens.

News In Brief Summary 12/07/22

Ukraine Citizen News


The Impact Of This Putin Russian Invasion Has On Ukraine.

As Russia intensifies its attack on Ukraine, thousands of people are leaving the country in search of safety. More than 100,000 Ukrainians have crossed into Poland. Citizens are preparing for the worst and women are making Molotov cocktails ready to repel Russian soldiers. 

UN released the first official death toll Sunday, saying that at least 240 civilians have so-far been killed in the conflict. 

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EU, UK, freeze  assets of Putin & Lavrov
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Kiev issues 10,000  volunteers guns
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Citizens prepare Molotov Cocktails
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How Putin underestimated Ukrainians

 Demonstrations happening in many Cities

Some Details About Ukraine

Why Is Ukraine Special

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Ukraine's History

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The Ukrainian People

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Ukrainian Traditions

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